Thanks, Bioware, for ruining real life relationships for me with your damned high bar of swoon-worthy romances.

uh oh!


Me at Hogwarts:

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • walk up to fat lady portrait
  • she asks what the password is but I had better things to pay attention to so I forgot it
  • I say “dumbledore being gay doesnt really count as gay representation”
  • sneak in as she stumbles to find retort
  • walk into the common room
  • see it’s dead-ass boring
  • immediately download disco ball app on my iphone which I have hacked with my wizard powers to have unlimited wifi
  • levitate it over room using wingardium leviosa, which I know before all the other first-years because I saw the movies
  • suddenly the common room is sick as hell
  • easily-impressed wizards have no clue how technology works, think I am a master wizard
  • suddenly i’m Head Boy and I call the shots around here
  • previous Head Boy disagrees so I turn him into some sunglasses that I then place casually over my eyes
  • other muggle-borns nod in approval

Deadpool Vol. 4 #1


MCU Concept Art - Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch (Avengers: Age of Ultron)


Endless List of Favorite Ladies: Helena Bertinelli

Hell, I think I’m the kind of hero Gotham deserves.


[ Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Fox’s unreleased Deadpool movie test footage ]


I know Free! might be confusing to the uninitiated, so I made a helpful table describing the characters: